LIVE MAP Earthquake & Volcanoes

MAGMA Indonesia (Multiplatform Application for Geohazard Mitigation and Assessment in Indonesia) MAGMA is a multiplatform application (web and mobile) containing integrated informations and recommendations about geological disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and ground movement). Those informations are presented to public in quasi-realtime and are interactive. The system is built and developed independently by PNS Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) since 2015 using the latest technology based on open-source. The main principle MAGMA Indonesia is to turn data into information and recommendations easily understood by the general public. MAGMA Indonesia is a system that continues to learn and evolve, new features will be added in the future meeting the needs. It is expected that all geological disaster information can later be accessed by people with ease through a single window. MAGMA Indonesia currently consists of:

  • Volcano : Information on visual and instrumental observation data, the level of activity (status), and recommendations on volcanoes
  • Earthquake and Tsunami :  Informations about earthquake occurrences and responses along with analysis and recommendations.
  • Land Movement : occurrences and responses along with analysis and recommendations,  Potential Map and Vulnerability Zone.


Did You Feel It? (DYFI) collects information from people who felt an earthquake and creates maps that show what people experienced and the extent of damage.


Activity Level of Top visited volcano in Eastern Java (Kawah Ijen, Bromo, Raung), Bali (Batur & Agung) and Lombok (Rinjani).


In 2017 most volcanoes in Indonesia are heavily monitored and their activity levels status are updated in real time. Here you will find what a status means and last information about those “fire” mountains. In Indonesian the word for volcano is Gunungapi (Gunung means “Mountain” and Api means “Fire”)